• In the notice given to Kanika, time was given to record the statement till 30 April 11 am.
  • Kanika is living in Lucknow these days, filed her statement through her lawyer


Apr 29, 2020, 10:23 PM IST

Lucknow.. Bollywood singer Kanika Kapoor has recorded her statement through a lawyer. Kanika Kapoor has recorded her statement to the police on Wednesday afternoon at the Mahanagar Apartment residence through a lawyer. In her statement, Kanika Kapoor has described herself as innocent. Kanika said in a statement that she came from the UK on March 10 and advisory was issued for those coming from the UK to Quarantine on March 18, so she is innocent.

ACP Krishnanagar Deepak Kumar Singh says – Go home on Wednesday afternoon and record Kanika Kapoor’s statement. Kanika has recorded the same statement that she wrote on Instagram. In the notice given to Kanika, time was given for recording the statement till 11 April.

The statement was released on Instagram on 26 April
On April 26, Kanika released the statement on Instagram. He said- All the people I came in contact with were found negative in the investigation. I did not organize any party. If I had known about the disease, I would not have done so at all. I did the test as soon as I had a problem. She went to the hospital after being tested positive.

I was not silent because I was wrong: Kanika
Kanika wrote- I know that many stories have been made about me. Some grew more because of this, I have remained silent till now. I was not silent because I was wrong. I knew people were misinformed. I was just waiting for people to understand the truth themselves. I thank my family, friends and fans who understood me at such a time. But now I want to tell you the right things.

Tests were done when symptoms appeared
Kanika wrote – She is currently in her Lucknow home. Spending quality time with parents. When she came to Mumbai from London on March 10, an investigation was also conducted at the airport. At that time there was no advisory regarding her stay in Quarantine. After this, when she came to Lucknow from Mumbai, she still had no symptoms of corona. Nor was screening done at the airport. There were no health problems at that time, so some went to the programs. No party was organized by itself. On March 17, when he found a problem, he had asked himself to undergo a coronavirus test.

FIR was filed on March 20
An FIR was registered under IPC sections 188,269 and 270. FIRs have been lodged against Kanika at Sarojini Nagar police station in Lucknow. After coming back from London, she did not get her checkup done and she met several people in Lucknow. After coming back, Kanika organized a party at the Gallant apartment on Sunday. Many big personalities were present in the party including Vasundhara Raje, Dushyant Singh.

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