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11 minutes ago

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On Friday, Karan Johar announced the re-casting of his company Dharma Production’s ‘Dostana 2’ and has now unfollowed Karthik Aryan, who was already cast in the film, on social media. However, Karthik is still following Karan. Meanwhile, Kangana Ranot has also jumped into the battle of Karan and Karthik. He has appealed to Karan Johar to get angry, not to force him to hang Karthik behind like Sushant.

What did Kangana write in her post?
Kangana wrote on social media, “Karthik has reached here on his own and will go on his own in the future. The only appeal to ‘Papa Joe’ and his Napo gang is to leave him alone, like Sushant behind him. Don’t fall and don’t force him to be hanged. Leave him alone, vultures, get lost! “

‘He did the same with Sushant’
Kangana further wrote, “Karthik need not be afraid of these chillars. He wants to maintain dignified silence by issuing substandard articles and statements that are responsible for your behavior. He did the same for Dr. Sushant Singh Rajput, with drug addiction and unprofessional Stories with an attitude were spread. “

‘Know that we are with you’
The actress further wrote, “Know that we are with you. The one who did not make you, cannot break you. Today you will be feeling lonely and targeted from every side. There is no need to feel like this. Everyone knows Queen ‘Joe’. Dear you will do very well. Trust your instinct and be in discipline. Lots of love. “

What did Dharma write in the official statement?
Karan Johar’s company Dharma Production wrote in its official statement, “Due to professional circumnstances, we have decided that we will maintain dignified silence. We will do the casting of ‘Dostana 2’ again. The director of which is Colin D-Cunha. Please official Wait for the announcement. “

‘Dostana 2’ was shot for 20 days.
Karthik Aryan had completed the first schedule of ‘Dostana 2’, which was about 20 days. Sources from Dharma Productions are confirming news of the altercation between the two. He says that Karthik Aryan is not giving dates and is also taking out the meanness in the script. Since, now the casting of the film has been announced to be again. In such a situation, the shooting of the film will again take place from the beginning. In this situation, Dharma Production is believed to have a loss of about Rs 20 crore.

Ego between Karthik and Janhvi is the real reason?
Trade pundits say that the real reason is Ego’s confrontation between Karthik and Janhvi. Due to this, Karthik is refusing the film. They are not directly refusing, but the issue of dates and creative disputation is being cited. Officials of KWAN, the agency that handles Karthik Aryan, are also silent on the issue.

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