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connection between Taimur and Rabindranath Tagoreconnection between Taimur and Rabindranath Tagore

Taimur, son of Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan, has a special connection with the first Nobel Prize in Asia, Vijetar Rabindranath Tagore. Today, we are not going to tell about Timur’s film heritage but about his connection to the world famous poet, litterateur, philosopher and Indian litterateur Rabindranath Tagore.

Timur is the grandson of Bollywood actress Sharmila Tagore. It is said that Sharmila Tagore’s parents were relatives of Rabindranath Tagore. According to the reports, Sharmila’s father Gitindranath was the grandson of the famous painter Gaganendranath and his father Rabindranath was the cousin of Tagore. In this way Sharmila’s great-grandfather became the brother of Rabindranath Tagore. On the other hand, Sharmila Tagore’s maternal grandmother Latika Tagore was the granddaughter of Rabindranath Tagore’s brother Dwijendranath.

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Sharmila also said at an event a few years ago, ‘I don’t know much about Tagore, but I have a very good surname. This is my legacy and it has opened many doors for me. It is a privilege to be born in such a family. Unfortunately he died three years before my birth, so I never had direct communication with him, but I have heard very beautiful stories from my mother. ‘

Saif has also praised his son, ‘Taimur has genetic charm. It has a bit of Rabindranath Tagore, a little Raj Kapoor, a little Mansoor Ali Khan and a little bit of Bhopal’s Nawabi style.

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