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  • Know How Many Colors The Color Has Filled In Life, Know How Colorful This Multicolored Word Has Made Life, Read This Poem Describing The Arrival Of Holi And Its Beauty.

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Vivek Gupta, Rashmi Ramani18 hours ago

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How many colors has filled life

Color has made life colorful and has left no stone unturned to make our language colorful. This word alone has so many meanings in it that the language becomes multicolored. Not only this, due to the idioms associated with the word color, the color of the language gets frozen. Of course, color freezing is also an idiom, which means to have a profound effect. In another idiom, let it freeze. Interestingly, the word color at eBioPic comes from both Sanskrit and Persian. It has its origin in the Sanskrit range. The word raga is also formed. Similar to this is the Persian word raj, which means sorrow, pain, regret. Keep in mind that it is complete, it does not have a plow mark on it. However, students of science can recognize Sanskrit range in the word dye. Dyes and pigments are well known to them. In Sanskrit, color is also called varna. Character meanings are also classes, letters, properties, types, etc. Persian language also has color. Many words related to it are prevalent at eBioPic, such as colorful, colorful, colorful, colorful, colorful, colorful, colorful, etc. The color made from Sanskrit color has many other meanings apart from varna. It is also the beauty and beauty that is seen due to the form etc. Getting colored, climbing color, catching color are related to this meaning. It is also related to Anurag or love. Putting color on someone means to enlighten them towards you. Color also means enjoyment or fun. This pleasure is derived from diatribes or funerals. Dissolve in color You can recognize this color in the idiom. In color lime and color dripping, this color also becomes youth with beauty. Color also means qualities and effects. To bring color and to show color means to display the effect. One day there is this feeling in saying that your hard work will bring color. To paint in your own color means to make yourself like or according to yourself. One meaning of color is the amazing visual and eccentric work. You will be familiar with and use a different meaning of color: acting place or theatrical space. Theater, theater, the place where acting and dance music are performed. Similarly, the celebration of dance and song is also called color. Color gives a different meaning to fight and war. Rangbhoomi means battlefield. It is also the condition, condition or condition of someone. You can recognize this meaning in color. In color, color gives the meaning of type. Apart from this, a metal called Ranga is also called Rang. It is clear that the color word which has many meanings is multicolored in itself.

Holi came

A few days ago, when I suddenly looked at the stumped tree, I was surprised and asked what happened? Applause of red saffron leaves Pete – beaten Tesu smiled ‘Holi I.’

He wanted to talk through the air, happily stroking my cheeks and he said ‘Fagun Aaya’.

Rasamwanti Rangapriya, who was singing the voice of lamlum cuckoo, caught with mango blossom, came in deep mood in the heart of Raspavanti Rangpriya.

I have also saved a piece of color found on Holi years ago till today.

Every year I am bathing in the sea of ​​color, I say to myself ‘Holi I Holi I’

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