Leah Messer and her twin daughters, Aliannah and Aleeah, tackled the ‘Woah’ TikTok challenge! After watching the cute video, fans of the ‘Teen Mom 2’ star pointed out how much the girls have grown up.

Watch out, mom! Leah Messer’s 10-year-old twin daughters Aliannah Hope and Aleeah Grace, are just inches away from catching up to their 28-year-old mom’s height. The girl squad teamed up for a dance TikTok to a remix of Krypto9095 ft. D3MStreet’s song “Woah,” which Leah posted on April 29. “They have gotten so big I remember them being so little Lol…time flies!,” one nostalgic fan commented. Indeed, this family has grown and evolved ever since Leah made her debut on 16 and Pregnant in 2009!

“They are growing up so fast!,” another fan commented. Meanwhile, many other followers pointed out how Aleeah — who danced in the middle of the trio — was especially close to standing eye-to-eye with her mom (just two inches away, precisely). “Geez she’s almost as tall as you !,” a fan wrote, to which Leah replied, “She’s only 2 in away.” The growth spurt led other fans to leave comments like “Gracie us double” and “Gracie is your twin.”

Don’t worry — the youngest of Leah’s “girl gang” (which she called her daughters in the TikTok’s caption) hasn’t been left out. Little Adalynn Faith, 7, also makes adorable cameos on Leah’s TikTok page, which is approaching 300,000 followers and one million likes. For example, Adalynn hopped on Leah’s shoulders to show off her dance moves to JACKBOYS & Travis Scott’s viral song “OUT WEST.” “She creates her very own tik tok ideas and this time it was on my shoulders,” Leah joked in the video’s caption.

Leah is so close to her three daughters, they even inspired the name for their mother’s new autobiography! The Teen Mom 2 star is releasing her book Hope, Grace & Faith on May 5, in which she makes a number of vulnerable confessions. One of the biggest reveals was Leah’s abortion, which she had previously kept a secret while filming Season 4 of Teen Mom 2. However, Leah wrote that she had “convinced” herself that she had a miscarriage, and explained why in her honest book.

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