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  • Leah Shutkever Was Named In The Guinness Book After Eating 10 Jam Donuts In 3 Minutes, This Year There Is A Record Of Eating Eight Tomatoes In 1 Minute.

26 minutes ago

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  • Lee Shutkiver considers himself Britain’s number one female competitor eater
  • He has 7 Guinness World Records records.

United Kingdom resident Lee Shtkiver holds the Guinness World Record for eating 10 jam donuts in 3 minutes. He made the record his name on 16 May amid the Corona epidemic but the Guinness World Record has recently announced it. Significantly, earlier this record was to eat 6 jam donuts in 3 minutes.

Guinness World Record shared a video via Twitter. In this, Lee Shutkiwar is seen trying to eat more and more donuts in three minutes. In this video a table is placed in front of him.

On this table, 10 plates contain 10 donuts of jam filling. A countdown timer is placed near it. She is eating donuts frequently to complete her challenge.

Another rule of the World Record Committee is that it is not allowed to lick your lips while eating donuts. Due to this too, this task was difficult for Lee. But he did this by eating ten donuts placed on both plates.

Lee Shutkiver considers himself Britain’s number one female competitor eater. He holds 7 Guinness World Records. He has also completed several food challenges online and offline. This year, he has also set a record of eating eight tomatoes in 1 minute.


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