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Jun 20, 2020, 11:36 AM IST

World champion shooter Apoorvi Chandela of 10 meter air rifle considers mental training, yoga and meditation necessary to keep the mind calm. She says these healthy habits should be a part of life in the same way as they worship daily. Apoorvi believes that having a tournament is very important. This increases the motivation of the players. Apurvi, who was the world’s number-1 rifle shooter, has got quota for Tokyo Olympics. Excerpts from his talks on Kovid-19, Lockdown and Tokyo Olympics …

1. You practiced at home during lockdown. How much difference does not make in match practice?
Many shooters have started going to their city shooting range for practice. It’s a good thing. As far as practice is concerned, matches, tournaments and competition are very important. Even friendly matches are very important. The players prepare accordingly. This also increases their motivation.

2. There is a state of skepticism over the Olympic event. What a difficult time?
This time is difficult for the players. It is very important to remain positive in such a situation. We have to wait till the circumstances become normal. However, it is also important that players continue the practice and focus on fitness.

3. Stadiums have opened. But the players are not reaching. Why so?
The players are unable to reach the stadium because most have gone to their respective homes. Many states and districts are in the Red Zone. Right now there are not much facilities for transportation either. Hopefully everything will be back to normal soon.

4. How much of a mental and physical trainer is needed during the time of Kovid-19?
Mental and physical training is very important for the players. This keeps the positives in the frame of mind. Mental training, yoga and meditation are very important to keep the mind calm along with the workouts. These things should be a part of life in the same way as they worship everyday.

5. What did you do in lockdown?
Spent time with family and Petes. My day started at 5.30 am. Used to clean the house. In a way, this too became part of my excise. I also started learning photography. It was assisted by Gagan Bhaiya (Gagan Narang) and Uncle. I love Nature and Wildlife photography. I also continued shooting practice daily.

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