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Jul 02, 2020, 06:25 PM IST

1. Short story: Meaning of relationships

Writer: Jyotsna Shashi

Bahu, Munna has been crying ever since, why don’t she give milk? ”Mrs Sharma asked the daughter-in-law. ‘Kya karoon maa, the milk powder box was over in the morning itself. Can’t understand what to do! ”Daughter-in-law Deepti replied. On the other hand, his son Anuj was requesting his friend to send a packet of milk over the phone.
It has been a week today, when Sharma came back home from the hospital and since then he has seen the condition of the house, he is cursing himself because of how much trouble the family members are facing because of him. Twenty days ago, when the Corona Report came positive, the hospitalists came and took them.

The remaining families were also tested, but everyone’s report came negative. Sharmaji was later sent home after two reports came negative. But since then, the neighbors have been behaving as if drugs or weapons have been recovered from Sharma’s house. Before this there was so much interaction in the surrounding houses that there was a lot of activity in the locality.

Had to go to each other’s house. And ever since Munna was done, it used to be even more bright. He was dear to everyone. Sometimes we used to cry more and everyone started asking what happened, why is weeping. But how much has been crying since this morning, no one opened the window. They no longer have a home in the container, but no one is letting the vegetable, milkman, even the drugstore come to their house.

What happened to Corona, educated people started behaving like Zahils. Epidemics have occurred long before that … smallpox, plague, dengue, and they have also recovered. Everyone has faced them courageously and together, helping each other. But Carona has made people selfish. The intellect has been corrupted. ”Mrs Sharma was stuttering while stuttering that her phone rang. ‘Hello Aunty Namaste, Kirti is speaking, how are you all, today there is a new moon, is it worshiped? Today I worshiped wearing the pink saree given to you and I remembered you! ”She spoke in one breath.

Kirti is the daughter of the neighboring Guptaji. He is married four months ago. Lives in Canada. It was difficult to tell which house the marriage was in four months ago. Suddenly remembering all that, Mrs. Sharma’s cry broke out and she told Kirti all the trouble. Kirti was shocked.

Saying ‘Good aunt, call me later’, she disconnected the phone and started calling her mother and spoke in one breath, “How can you do this! You forgot how fondly Sharma aunt had decorated my paired sari with his hands, and how Anuj Bhaiya was running and working in marriage. And that Bazuwale Ghosh Uncle, whenever something goes wrong with his mobile, directly reaches Anuj Bhaiya.

Have you forgotten everything? An epidemic spreads to each other, but that does not mean that we become selfish and do not help anyone. Taking care of our security, we can also help others and fight it with the help of each other. And God forbid, how would someone feel if someone was coronated in your house yesterday and treated you like this? ‘

Mrs. Gupta’s heart was filled with guilt after hearing her daughter’s words. He immediately placed the phone, put on a mask and walked towards Sharma ji’s house with vegetables, milk, bread etc. Mrs Sharma’s phone was coming on the mobile as soon as she returned home, placing the goods on the door of Sharma ji and ringing the bell. The last victory between Corona and the relationship was the relationship itself.

Short story: rainy

Writer: Dr. Alka Jain

Little Ravi was sitting sad in the balcony of his house. It was raining heavily outside. Seeing him sitting like this, Mummy asked, “What happened son?” What a nice weather and why are you sitting so depressed? Ravi said in awe, ‘Mama! Every year I used to have fun in the rain with friends, we used to swim on paper boats, then these days we all used to go on picnics too. Everything is closed.

I don’t like this rain at all. ‘Mommy turned her head affectionately and said,’ Son! Suppose we are not able to roam around in this pleasant weather, you are not able to go to school, it is also believed that the enthusiasm to welcome the rain has dimmed but look at how beautiful nature is.

“On touching the drops of rain, trees and plants have smiled. The rain is only a means of entertainment for us, the life of the whole world rests on it. It is very important not only for the farmer but for the whole world. Admittedly, due to corona infection today, we are forced to stay in homes, but the day will also come when we will be able to enjoy the rain without being carefree.

But till then, we all have to be patient. The same patience as the earth holds. It tolerates the intense heat of the sun, but does not fall apart because it is the mother. The lives of his numerous children are dependent on him, and after the austerity, when the clouds rain down and roam, the earth, not only the earth, the world, the world of Rome gets pulsed. So son, enjoy this rain and be patient …

“This rain is telling us today that one day the corona will end and we will all smile again. Why only rain, we will enjoy every season.” Hearing Mummy’s words, Ravi woke up saying, “Wow! My mother says very good things. You have ended all the sadness in your mind, mother! Now I will gladly welcome the rain.” Ravi and Mummy’s giggle like rain drops He was looking lovely.

Short story: self-respect

Author: Harish Kumar ‘Amit’

My mind was constantly driving while driving. Was on duty with the officer since morning. Sometimes a whole day was spent in one building for one meeting and sometimes in another building for another meeting. It was now nine o’clock in the night and Saheb was going to leave the airport.

Due to the considerable time spent in the minister’s convening meeting, Saheb could not even go home and had to come directly from the meeting place towards the airport. I also brought his briefcase from his house when he was discussing with the minister.
Rukmini’s phone had been received ten times since morning that when I came home, I should bring some advance from the officer. Actually, her sister’s marriage was fixed and was to be married after five days. Ten thousand rupees were severely needed for the omen and other expenses.

The airport was coming close. Saheb will be back after a week. I was swinging in a swing of confusion. Till today I have not spread my hands to anyone, so should I break my principles today? The head started spinning thoughtfully. Sweat was also felt on the forehead. I could not understand what to do or what not to do!
The airport was now in front. In a few minutes, the officer had to get down. I was still diving in the sea of ​​confusion. I stopped the car in front of the airport area and came out and opened the car door to get down. Then, taking out the briefcase from the dicky, placed it on a trolley lying nearby. Sahab was now ready to go inside the airport.
Before walking he looked at me and started asking, “Sham Singh, don’t you need anything?” You have been feeling disturbed since morning. ”He had been doing duty for the last four years with Saheb, so he started understanding me to a great extent.
Hearing Saheb’s talk, it once came in my heart to talk to him in advance, but then I did not know how he got out of my mouth, “All right sir! Hello! ”As he was going inside the airport, my left hand started caressing the thin gold ring worn in the finger of right hand. Now this ring had to be crossed by my wife!

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