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Jul 03, 2020, 12:51 PM IST

Srinagar’s famous Dal Lake has shrunk from its original size of 22 square kilometers to about 10 square kilometers due to pollution and encroachment. Due to this, the capacity of the lake is also reduced by about 40 percent. The water quality of this lake has also deteriorated due to the spread of dirt by tourists.

For the last two years, a seven-year-old baby girl has been handling the cleanliness of this lake, which adds to the natural beauty of Srinagar. This girl’s name is Jannat. She can be seen sitting in her shire cleaning the Dal Lake.

His efforts have been included in the school book of Hyderabad. Jannat says I got inspiration from my father Tariq Ahmed to clean the lake. She says – Dal Lake is one of the most prominent tourist destinations of Srinagar. Hazrat Bal, a mosque built close to this lake, adds to the beauty of the place.

This lake is considered the jewel in the crown of Kashmir, which is also a source of income for the people here. His father also helps Jannat to clean the plastic litter spread in Dal Lake. Jannat can be seen sitting in her father’s shire cleaning up the plastic waste spread by tourists visiting any part of the lake.

Jannat has been associated with this lake since childhood. She lives with her family in a houseboat on this lake. Father of Jannat says – When my daughter was just three years old, when she saw someone throwing garbage in the lake, she used to convince her. Once, a tourist was forced to come back from the road and take out a plastic bottle from the lake.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has praised the work of Jannat in his program. After this, people of the country and the world came to know about Jannat, how a little girl is working to save the lake from pollution. Jannat is currently a second grade student. She wants to grow up to be a scientist.

She wants her efforts to clean the Dal Lake completely and increase the number of tourists visiting it. The father of Jannat has been busy cleaning this lake for many years. He is happy that the efforts of Jannat are getting praised all over the world. Tariq says these compliments will encourage Jannat to move forward. He wants his daughter to become an environmentalist in future and try to keep the lake clean in a big way.

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