Feb 03, 2020, 03:38 PM IST

Education Desk. Feeding to the needy is common in the city, but the women of Muskan Club have been providing over 200 needy meals to the needy for over 2 years continuously. Now these women have started this work at another place too. The special thing is that when it was launched there were only 9 women. Now more than 82 women have joined the campaign and are supporting it. Most of these women are housewives, who also manage the house and also help in getting out of the house.

Smile Club created 3 years ago

The chairperson of the club, Swati Shringi, said that the campaign was started on 14 July 2018 from under Srinathpuram’s own flat. Smile Club was formed 3 years before this. Earlier, it used to give some assistance in weddings of needy daughters. When Shringi saw Anoop of Noida running Grandma’s kitchen, he too got the idea.

He took complete information about this from Anoop and later started it with 8 companions. Women used to give 100-100 rupees a month for this. Gradually, seeing their work, women started joining them. Now more than 82 women are helping. Apart from this, their relatives give 1200 rupees for a day’s dinner to the institution on the day of visit, birthday, wedding anniversary or any other happy day.

Cook food at 4 in the morning
Swati Shringi, who heads the campaign, cooks the entire meal herself as she handles the family. This gives people healthy food like home. She gets up at 4 am every day. He then cooks with the help of a helper. One has to prepare for this in advance. Swati says that now all this has become habit. So there is no problem. Apart from this, she also works to take the children to school in the morning. Makes home cooking and does other things.

Second counter started on Sheela Chaudhary Road
The first counter is running 10 to 11 am near private hospitals in Srinathpuram. It serves food for 200 people each day. The second counter runs on Sheela Chaudhary Road Talwandi from 11 am to 12 am. Right now 80 to 100 people are eating food in it. Sometimes Chola-rice and sometimes Rajma-rice and vegetable rice are made in both places. There is also pickle and papad. If someone wants to get their accounts calculated. Now the third counter will also be opened soon.

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