May 01, 2020, 06:05 PM IST

Recall those makeup trends of the 90s, when girls wore blue eye shadows and puffs. This trend has returned once again. Know what it is

Stones on the side of the eyes: This was the popular trend of the 90s, which was followed by many Bollywood actresses from Preity Zinta to Rani Mukherjee. It is back again. Apart from party wear dress, college girls can also apply it with western or ethnic dress to enhance their beauty.

Silver Eye Shadow: Silver eye shadow is perfect for lighting up your eyes. It is most liked with Fair Compliance. This color of eyeshadow is suitable for all eyes. This look can also be mixed with smokey shades.

Blue Eyeshadow: Bright blue eyeshadow has been a hot trend for some time now. You can flaunt your glamorous blue eyes by being cool. It can also be applied by mixing and matching with black eyeshadow. However, for this you will need different size eyeshadow brushes.

Puff Hair Style: Puffs are once again the favorite style of girls going to a party or at their own wedding. You can also create a special look by making it with variations. If you want to wear a traditional outfit, you can make a crown or side puff.

Lip gloss: If you want a glossy finish over lipstick, try lip gloss. However, do not apply it less during summer so that it does not spread. It would be better to apply powder around the face and lips and then apply lip gloss. Lip gloss can also be prevented from spreading by applying lip liner.

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