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Jun 27, 2020, 12:00 PM IST

If a fabric comes in the market that can protect you from the effects of corona as well as look stylish then what else could be better than this. Keeping in mind your needs, Siyaram has launched anti-corona virus fabric in different colors, design and texture.

Siyaram claims that this fabric has been tested in the approved lab by the World Health Organization.

It can be worn easily

This fabric has been developed for 25 years from the Association of Health Care Company of Australia, which is made from natural and biodegradable material. This fabric is very soft and remains comfortable after wearing.

Due to comfort, it can be worn easily for a long time.

This effort can also be successful
According to Ramesh Poddar, CMD of Siyaram Silk Mills Limited, 90% of our body is covered with clothes. Most of the viruses stick on our clothes only, which increases the risk of infection.

In such a situation, when we are constantly using sanitizer to prevent infection of corona, maintaining social distancing or wearing a mask, then the effort of wearing such fabric to reduce the effect of virus can also be successful. Can.

Such clothes have become our need at this time. That is why anti-corona products are being launched in the market.

This variety of fabric is also in the market
India’s leading textile manufacturer RSWM Limited has launched the anti-viral fabric range ‘ViroSecure’. This fabric can provide protection against SARS-Cove-2 in 30 minutes. It is claimed to have strong antiviral properties against the Korena virus strain.

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