• Providing excellent service in its field of work since 5 decades
  • Dr. Sandra has done more than 2000 surgeries


Feb 04, 2020, 02:13 PM IST

Lifestyle Desk. About one percent of India’s population suffers from hearing problems. Dr. Sandra Desa Souza has played an important role in reducing these figures. Dr. Sandra is an ENT surgeon who has been able to hear many people till now by performing more than 2000 surgeries. Not only this, Dr. Sandra (the part of the ear shaped in the sarple) is also the first woman in the world to have cochlea surgery. For this achievement, the Central Government has announced to give him the Padma Shri.

Had surgery in 1997
Dr. Sandra Souza has been a surgeon at Jaslok Hospital, Mumbai for a long time. In 1987, Koklia underwent surgery at Jaslok Hospital, after which she became the first woman in the world to perform this surgery. His name has been recorded in the Limca Book of Records for this successful move.

Charity gives free treatment to children
79-year-old Dr. Sandra Jaslok has undergone over 2000 surgeries at Breach Candy and Desa Hospital. In 2002, Dr. Sandra initiated a Cochlea Surgery Implant Program in which needy children with hearing problems are treated free of cost. In this program, Dr. Dillo Souza, second surgeon of Jaslok Hospital is also his assistant. It is run by the Charities Fund. From Maharashtra to many parts of the country, needy children have been enabled to listen.

Dr. Sandra’s speech is not only in India but in the world
Dr. Sandra has been a part of many national and international conferences, providing excellent service in her field of work since 5 decades. Dr. Sandra has attended several workshops and seminars and gained the knowledge of advanced and latest technicians from Australia, Austria, France and America and has extended the benefits to the needy in India. Dr. Sandra is the first woman to have been inducted into the American Otology Society.

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