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Jul 04, 2020, 05:23 PM IST

You can get an idea of ​​the creations around the world by looking at the nail art design of 26 year old Hikaru Morishta.

Hikaru uses recycled items for drilling, shaping, polishing nail art. He also decorated small pieces of chains on his nails by giving them different shapes. These creative pieces of art speak of their beautiful imaginations.

Every nail designed by Hikaru is nothing less than a unique sculpture.

In this multicolor nail art design, Hikaru used dots ranging from leaf to decorate his nails. With golden chains in between her hands, she has given this nail art a different look.
In this nail art, blue nail art designed on a nail with neon green looks attractive. Anyway, any shade of neon is considered perfect for nail art this season.
A red shade similar to red rose has been used to enhance the beauty of nails. This nail art has decorated nails with red feathers, colorful crystals and small chains.
You can know how the beauty of nails can be enhanced through colorful stones, through this nail art. The color combination in this is also worth praising.
Small chains have been separated and used in this nail art. Colors such as yellow, golden, brown and black have been used in this nail art.
Hikaru Morishta has shown his creativity with unique color and design for every nail. This art design is also getting appreciation on social media.

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