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Jul 03, 2020, 02:33 PM IST

There are many couples who start thinking about a breakup after being with each other for a long time. Once a breakup occurs, they look for another partner or prefer to remain single. Whatever thoughts you have on the couple’s thinking after the breakup, but the recent survey reveals something different about this.
According to this survey, most couples want to forgive them once again for their mistake after their relationship is over. They are ready to give him a second chance in any case.

Believe in living life
The Extra Marital dating app Gleiden surveyed 1000 users aged 34-49 in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Pune and Hyderabad. According to this, if some people want to get rid of their partner after seeing the betrayal of the partner, then there are others who believe in living life with the same partner again. They ignore their partner’s mistakes.

Don’t want to give a second chance
The truth is that 36.9% of couples forgive each other unconditionally. 40.1% of couples believe that forgiving a partner depends on what happens after being separated from them. Whether they can live alone or not.

The 23% couple do not want to give their partner a second chance at any cost once the breakup occurs.

Never wanna be together

It was also found in this survey that when the couple learn about each other’s extra-marital affair, then they never want to live together. In these circumstances it is also difficult for him to forgive his partner.

Apart from this, it is difficult to play with a partner who keeps wandering in search of other partner even when you are with him. Nobody wants to tolerate being in such an infidelity relationship.

Like to get friends advice

When a breakup situation arises between the couples, they prefer to consult their friends first. This Gleiden survey shows that 37.5% of users share their love affair secrets with friends.

31.3% of users share breakups with their siblings. At the same time, 31.2% want to share the problems in the relationship with the parents or their partners so that they can get out of the gilt that is felt due to this relationship.

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