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Jun 29, 2020, 01:53 PM IST

Even before the Corona epidemic, women in India were facing sexual anonymity on issues like employment, salary and education. In such a situation, the impact of Kovid-19 has badly affected the economic condition of India.

Had to work in a beauty salon

If we talk about 25-year-old Asha Sharma of Uttarakhand, Asha came from Uttarakhand five years ago to build her career with the help of Delhi Dance. His dream was broken when he did not find a place in any dance troupe in Delhi even after performing great dance.

Their efforts till coming here from Uttarakhand were unsuccessful. After all, for two days, she had to work in a beauty salon. Asha used to get a salary of Rs 12,000 per month in this salon. Some of this money she used to send for her mother.

It became difficult to drive home alone

Ever since Asha’s father left this world, it became difficult for her mother to drive home alone. Asha’s problems grew when the salons closed due to the lockdown. Asha says my mother worked hard to raise me since childhood. But today I am so helpless that I am not able to help them in any way.

I realized that it is harder for a woman to earn money than a man. Men can live their livelihood by working wherever they want. But it is not possible for women to do so. They have to take equal care of their security every moment.

Can not get the right amount of work

Significantly, more than a quarter of women in India do not get the right amount of work even after working hard. They get 35% less salary than men. 49% of the population in India is women. Only 18% of these women are financially strong.

After the lockdown, the country’s worsening economy has had more impact on women who do not currently have the means to live their livelihood. They have been laid off or laid off due to their minor work corona.

Forced to return

Workers working away from their village or city before this epidemic have been forced to return once again due to being unemployed. Among them, the number of males as well as females is more. Women who work in the education and health sector as migrant workers.

Apart from this, there is neither employment nor security for women working in the field of sex workers and agriculture. The long journey to return home due to Corona is also not empty of danger for them.

Do not get equal opportunities

In the World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap Index 2020, India ranks 112 among 153 countries in the world. It is being talked about in those countries where women do not get equal work opportunities as men. This is the condition of women working in the field of health care and education.

The corona virus has also impacted India’s social justice system. There are many states in India where women are raped every 15 minutes. Apart from this, they also have to bear the responsibility of household work. Domestic violence cases on women living in the home have also increased rapidly due to the lockdown.

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