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Jun 26, 2020, 06:25 PM IST

This year the monsoon craze is seen in some new style. Due to the fear of Corona, the trend of healthy and balanced diet has come in place of fried-fried traditional recipes in the monsoon. Nowadays, the place of normal coffee has been replaced by charcoal coffee, Thai curry made with a lot of vegetables in the food, Vegan mock meat instead of non-veg, Sarado bread instead of roti and fresh short dessert in sweet.

Fresh short desert orders are being made
The Jewish community of Poland started making babka bread. Traditional ingredients like cinnamon and chocolate are also added to bread made today, along with peanut butter and raisins. Also, more fresh short desserts are being ordered in restaurants than cakes. Jays are made from zero preservatives.

Plant Based Diet In Thai Dishes The new like
Due to fear of Corona infection, demand for plant-based dishes has already increased by about 40 percent. Animal products are not used in this type of diet, but all the elements come from plants. Dairy products are also not used in this. The trend of followers of this diet has increased in Thai dishes. Thai recipes use more vegetables and coconut milk.

36 hours In ready Would have is European Bread
Home chefs currently aim to prepare every order fresh. In such a situation, multi grain bread is being made from natural yeast instead of yeast available in the market. European bread is made from barley, millet, wheat, oats and gram flour. Due to multi grain and natural yeast, it takes 33 to 36 hours for fermentation in bread.

Charcoal Coffee Of Increased Stayed is Craze
The choice of customers is turning into alternative milk like coconut milk, soy milk, almond milk etc. Especially for fresh brewed coffee. The craze of charcoal coffee is also increasing. It uses activated charcoal, which is light for intestine.

Experts: Ritika Bhargava, Richa Khaitan, Dushyant Singh, Shruti Sonali, Chanchal Kanwar Rathore, Akshay Kedia and Anjali Phatak

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