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Jun 29, 2020, 06:31 PM IST

Earning money is a matter about which no one can be told that it is too late now. As far as housewives are concerned, they have another advantage.

Housewives have more time to learn than those who do full time jobs. If women learn stock trading in this free-time, then they can create an opportunity to earn money for themselves. Editor India, Forbes Advisor Ashika Jain explains how Housewife can get success in this work:

1. Stock trading is often seen as a specialization of brokerage houses. Trading in the stock market on a personal level is considered quite difficult. But, for those who are interested in mathematics and like to experiment with numbers, share trading can be a game changer.

2. The emotional side of women is believed to be better than men. If this strong side is combined with intelligence, good success can be achieved in stock trading. Many such apps exist with the help of which women can start trading.

3. Trading can be done using the mobile phone through the app of any brokerage house. However, it will be important to understand that stock market trading does not just mean profit. If your bet is not as expected then it is likely that the loss will occur.

4. One has to understand the risk associated with the stock market before starting trading. Is it worth spending time and energy on it then? The answer is yes. If you have a mind worth analyzing and you can understand how any news affects countries and economies around the world, then you can definitely make money through stock trading.

5. The most interesting thing about this work is that you will not be limited to just trading in the stocks of companies. You can also trade in commodities like oil, gold. Apart from this, the option of future trading is also open.

6. If you want to do trading then it would be better to take training. Many academies offer its formal course. At the same time, many institutions provide online learning facilities. BSE-NSE courses can also be done. If you do not want to spend money, you can also collect information related to it on YouTube.

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