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Jun 28, 2020, 05:00 AM IST

If we talk about the specialty of bamboo, then no fertilizer is needed to produce bamboo. Everything made of bamboo is chemical free. That is why the demand for Babo product is in full swing these days with a view to saving the environment.

The outer surface is made of bamboo

Knowing the importance of bamboo, under the Pradhan Mantri Van Dhan Yojana and National Banbu Mission Scheme, the villagers are being trained to produce bamboo products. His handicraft art can be traced to the fancy water bottle of bamboo. The outer surface of these fancy bottles is made of bamboo. Copper linings can be seen on its inner surface.

No other means of livelihood

Actually, this product is an attempt to improve the lives of tribal people and local artisans who have no other means of earning their livelihood. Apart from this, it has special importance due to being eco friendly. It is being made without using plastic. Before starting the work of making the bottle, research was done on how to mold them to give an international standard.

Broom and bottle making training

The credit goes to IFS officer Prasad Rao for employing the artisans of Tripura through bamboo-made bottoms and broom. They train tribal artisans to make brooms and bottoms from bamboo. In a short time, he trained about 1000 people to make broom with bamboo. When Prasad Rao got success in this work, he taught the entire family of craftsmen to make bottles from bamboo.

Giving training in making a babu product

The project was supported by Bamboo and Cane Development Institute and Agartala’s Forest Research Center of Livelihood Extension. To train people for this work, 10 master trainers started. Now these trainers are imparting training to 1000 artisans to manufacture babu products under the Pradhan Mantri Van Dhan Yojana and National Banbu Mission Scheme.

Avoid viruses and fungus

Prasad Rao says that the inner surface of these bottles made of bamboo was made from copper so that the water kept in it could escape bacteria, viruses and fungus. These bottles are also available in 500, 750 and one liter sizes in addition to 300 ml. Prasad Rao with his efforts wants to give a boost to small scale industries. They recommend using such products. His tendency is to promote plastic free products.

Promoted via your Twitter account
The bamboo bottle has been promoted by Bollywood actress Raveena Tandon through her Twitter account. This bottle made of bamboo is being liked all over the world. The power of social media can be gauged from the fact that after promoting this bottle on Raveena’s own Twitter account, there is a demand from the whole world to buy it. Raveena not only bought these bottles herself but has also inspired others to use such bottles through social media.

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