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Jun 29, 2020, 05:55 PM IST

34-year-old Irfana Jarger, a resident of Srinagar, distributes sanitary kits for free to the women of Dairan city of Corona epidemic. This work being done by Irfana for poor women of Srinagar is appreciated.

To be distributed to women under the name of Eva Safety Door, this kit contains sanitary products such as sanitary pads, hand wash and sanitizer. Irfana says I spend a large part of my salary every month in giving sanitary pads to poor women. I want other women to come forward in this work.

Best of charity

Working in the private sector, Irfana dedicates this initiative to the late father Ghulam Hasan Jarger. She started this work in her college days when she saw that many girls studying with her could not even buy sanitary pads due to poverty.

Irfana says Charia Ka Se is the best. I welcome all those who want to help promote this work of mine. She wants to keep sanitary pads in every public toilet in Srinagar so that every woman can get the facility of pads.

Irfana is seen distributing sanitary kits from house to house

Support from arch

He has the support of Dr. Shazia Mehraj, resident of Srinagar for this work. Mehraj says Irfana started distributing sanitary pads. When I felt that this could be the best way to help women, I also started supporting them.

Mehraj is also concerned not to steal the anti-social elements of the sanitary kits collected so hard.

Problems are also coming
It is not common in Srinagar to talk about periods in public. But with the effort of Irfana, it is now possible. Problems of women related to periods are also coming up. At the same time, the concept of menstruation has also been talked about which women had previously hesitated to talk about.

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