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Jul 06, 2020, 04:04 PM IST

55-year-old Dr. Laxmi Gautam, known as Buaji in Vrindavan, has been cremating the dead bodies of unclaimed people since 2012. She also gives the fire to the body on her own. They do not take financial help from anyone. In the beginning, Lakshmi, who cremated only women, has also been performing the last rites of men for the past two years.

In the last eight years, nearly 300 bodies have been cremated. She has performed 7 funerals since the lockdown. Even the police give unclaimed dead bodies to them for the last rites.

This caused a lot of anguish
Dr. Lakshmi, Associate Professor of History at SOP College, Vrindavan, says that in 2011-12, the Supreme Court decided to conduct a survey of destitute women living in Vrindavan. The same survey revealed that destitute women are not cremated in the manner. This caused a lot of anguish to the mind.

No one even touched

Meanwhile, in Vrindavan, the dead body of a destitute woman named Radha was found on the platform, who died in the morning, but no one put her hand till evening. I cremated him. From the same day I took the initiative to cremate the destitute women.

Kanak Dhara Foundation also built

I have been doing the same since then. She says that I have cremated the dead bodies at eight o’clock in the morning and also at 11 o’clock at night. When I joined this work, the family members were not with my mind. But now my two sons and one daughter support me. They also provide financial support. He has also created the Kanaka Dhara Foundation.

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