Apr 01, 2020, 04:50 PM IST

Lifestyle Desk. Mothers and fathers can give information about everyday things to keep children busy, as well as draw out some new tricks.

Identify food items
It is often seen that children do not know the names of the food items. Especially when it comes to the names of pulses, they do not understand which pulses they are eating. They only know them by color. So, when it is time to do something amusing, put pulses in different bowls and tell them their names. Identify them and ask them as well. Name recognition can also play like a game. As a reward for giving the right name, children can make their favorite breakfast by giving it.

Teach measurement
Remember, when I bought a whole lot of stuff in my childhood, it used to come to my mind that how much is the whole. Then it is known that 250 grams is called Pavbhar. These questions often come to the mind of children. Therefore, it is important to give them this information. With this, tell what is tea spoon, table spoon, 1/4 cup and how much is it. It will be interesting for them to know all this.

Do your own work
Children often depend on parents to tie shoes and tie. The habit of helping does not let them become self-sufficient. Now when it is time, ask them to do this work themselves. Teach them first and then try to get them bonded. This will reduce some of the work on your part when the routine is normal and the children will also learn to do their own work.

Make work fun
Now be free from tasks like folding children’s clothes and keeping them in the cupboard. Hand over these tasks to children. First tell them which fabric to fold and then when they learn how to fold properly, then teach them to freeze in the cupboard. Along with this, they can also teach them to ironing their school uniforms.

Teach gardening
If you want to sensitize children and give them an opportunity to get to know nature closely, then teach them gardening. Keep them together while weeding, how much water should be given to the plants, at what time. Give information about all this. This will make children responsible for the care of plants. Along with this, children can also be given the responsibility of dusting the house.

Support the story
Children are not used to sleeping in the afternoon. In such a situation the elders of the house like grandparents can tell stories to them in the afternoon. Also can tell your experience. With this, children will be able to know the value of life and the struggle of elders.

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