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Jul 14, 2020, 05:00 AM IST

There is no shortage of people making their hobbies the only means of earning money in lockdown. If we talk about the people of Nagaland, the lockdown is no less than a boon for those who are fond of gardening here. The women here not only kept their hobbies alive by gardening, but also made it a source of income. With the help of her family, she is running the expenses of the house by earning money through this work.

Suddeno Home of Kohima has always been fond of gardening. She loves to plant flowers in her garden. But during the lockdown, people started growing vegetables in their gardens, seeing that they were upset for the vegetables.
Suddeno’s husband made a small garden made of plastic sheets and bamboo. Here they both cultivate vegetables. Their vegetables are also supplied in big cities. They also provide free vegetables to people when needed.
Nechuttuono Home is 23 years old. She started her vegetable garden early in the lockdown with two sisters. In his garden, many different vegetables of Variety can be seen today. They can be seen in this garden most of the day.
Home has planted vegetables around. Due to the rainy season, they have started growing corn on the mountains. Actually, people here have started growing and selling vegetables at home, which has started earning them as well. The people of Nagaland were known for farming, but with the changing times they gave up farming. However, due to the lockdown, he is joining this work again.

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