May 11, 2020, 04:02 PM IST

Many things can be made by using beautiful and expensive bed sheets in the house in a new way. If you want to make pajamas from cotton bedsheet or make headbands from it.

1. Design Gown

If the bed sheet is not very old, then you can sew pajamas from it as well. Pajamas made from cotton bedsheets are quite comfortable. If you are designing it for children, then equip it on the edges. This way the pajamas will get a fancy look. It also looks very breathtaking.

2. Colorful Hanging

To make beautiful hangings, cut the fabric of the bedsheet into the desired shape and sew. If you do not want to cut the fabric pieces by cutting them round, cut them using a variety of patterns, square, triangular and circular. These can be made even more attractive by decorating them with stars.

3. Make curtains

Often expensive fabrics are bought from the market for curtains. It costs a lot of money to buy. With expensive bed sheets, you can easily prepare curtains and not only save money, but also make good use of old bed sheets. They can be decorated with beautiful frills to make them more attractive.

4. Make headbands ready

If you like to install colorful headbands, then make yourself attractive headbands from old bed sheets. This will require cutting the headband-shaped fabric. You can design it for yourself by stitching it on another layer of fabric. It can be given a fancy look by applying glitter or net.

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