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Apr 15, 2020, 04:00 PM IST

Due to the spread of coronavirus all over the country, everyone is imprisoned in their homes. The 21-day lockdown has been extended again until 3 May. In such a situation, everyone has been given the opportunity to stay in their homes. But if for some reason you have to come out, then people are definitely applying face masks. Also, in the new guidelines of the government, strict instructions have been given to put a mark on the public place. But long-term face masks can cause many skin problems. Applying a face mask constantly causes perspiration and frequent rubbing. In such a situation, you know about the problems caused by face masks and how to avoid them …….

What could be the problems?

People who sweat more on their face will sweat more if they put on masks. Due to this, there is a fear of bacterial infection. Also, some people may have problems like itching, rashes, pimples, dermatitis and dryness with the mask cloth.

Can cause problems n 95

An N95 mask made of polypropylene can also cause skin problems. This is a fabric that is not weaved. The N95 mask consists of 4 layers, the innermost layer of which comes in direct contact with the mouth. This layer is made of polypropylene. Although polypropylene is considered safe for the skin, it can cause problems in many cases.

How to use mask safely?

The trouble with the mask does not mean leaving it on. Do use it to prevent corona, but with some safe measures. To avoid this problem, apply a moisturizer on the face before applying the mask. Applying moisturizer locks skin moisture and stops skin pores due to oil, reducing sebum formation. By doing this, the problem of pimples is also reduced. At the same time, keep changing your mask and cleaning your mouth in 6-8 hours to avoid bacterial infections.

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