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Jun 27, 2020, 05:09 PM IST

The number of people in the world is increasing rapidly who are adopting organic and vegan beauty products. Such goods are rapidly gaining place in the shopping list of most of the world’s buyers. The trend of people aware of the side effects due to the chemical is moving rapidly towards Vegan Beauty Products.

Launched a huge range of organic products

Those who promote veganism and clean eating in lifestyle are at the forefront of adopting the vegan trend of beauty. Such natural skin care products are becoming their requirement. South Korean beauty brand Jejundai has launched a huge range of organic products.

Needs extra skin care

It includes Anti Aging Rich Cream Face Ceram, Moisturizer, Spray, Face Mask Serum, Face Wash, Body / Face Light Cream. Anyway, during monsoon our skin needs more care. In view of the humidity and pollution occurring in this season, extra skin care is necessary.

Vitamins and minerals found in vegan beauty products are easily absorbed into the skin. These products remain the first choice of people in the monsoon due to their anti-bacterial and anti-aging properties.

Introduced to Indian customers

According to Sanjay Singh, the head of Jejuindi India, Jejuindi India wants to introduce the best vegan products for Indian consumers to Indian customers. They say that better skin is not a coincidence, but it is important to take special care of it.

Introducing Essential Skin Care

Keeping this in mind, natural essential skin care is being introduced in the Indian beauty market. Anyway, there has been a lot of progress in the relationship between India and South Korea in the last few years and taking advantage of this situation, Jejundai wants to set up its manufacturing unit in India in the coming years.

Launched special beauty products

Keeping in mind the Indian skin tone, the company offers some special skin care products such as Indigo Gel Cream, Indigo Spray Mist for Day Skin Care, Camellia Rich Aging Cream and Camellia Seed Oil for Night Skin Care.

Along with all this the brand has also launched Camellia Seed Oil, Indigo Spray Mist for Day Skin Care Camellia Rich Aging Cream and some special beauty products.

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