Jun 03, 2020, 11:42 PM IST

It is rarely heard that pie can be so beautiful that you feel like eating on sight. But pastry designer Karin Fife Boschek made the pie so beautiful by decorating it that it deserves praise. These pies are also seen as beautiful specimens of art.

German-based pie master Karin bakes at least three pies a week. She takes some pictures of these pies and gives it to her friends. She shares these photos with her Instagram fans. The hard work she makes pie, the more effort she takes to maintain her photos. People do not get tired of sharing their pictures on Instagram.

Karin learned baking in Teenage from her mother and grandmother when she lived in Central Germany. She used to make small and simple pies at that time. Her passion for pie got a new direction after her marriage when her husband Bruce promoted her art. Bruce’s mother was the awardee Weining Baker. He shared all his secret of making pie with Karin. She believes that the crust is perfect for giving the pie a new look.

Karin made several changes to her mother-in-law’s recipes and developed her own technique of making pies. It was a challenge for him how to decorate the pie like a cake. His baking skills improved over time. Karin says that sharp knives are essential for decorating pie flour. This makes all kinds of decorations easier.

Kerin uses geometrical and Persian patterns for decoration. She likes to knead pie dough in different colors and make a creative pie. Things like dry berries, spinach and beetroot are also used in their pies for decoration. Karin is currently sixty years old. She can be seen enjoying a different pie with her husband. Apart from Instagram, a book based on his pie, Elegant Pie has also been published in which 25 different types of pies have been taught to make step by step.

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