• 12 old buses were converted into women showers in Pune today
  • Wi-Fi, solar system and sanitary napkin facilities are also available


Feb 04, 2020, 07:02 PM IST

Lifestyle Desk. It is often seen that women have to travel a long distance in search of clean toilets. Despite the public showers in the city, it is now common to feel the risk of illness due to the filth present in them. In the midst of all this, a woman from Pune has found a solution, due to which not only women are getting clean toilet but also many other facilities. Yes, Pune-based entrepreneur Ulka Sadkar and her husband Rajiv Kher have together converted the old buses of the city into a facility. Under this service, 13 buses have been run in the city at a cost of about 1.3 crores.

These facilities will be available for women in the bus
These buses present in Pune city are named Mee. In Maharashtra, the word m is used to address women. These buses have been made quite different and better than ordinary public restrooms. According to the size of the buses, 3 to 4 Indian and Western toilets are made in each bus. Washbasins, stands for changing baby diapers, and location for feeding children are also present in buses. Solar systems have also been installed for Wi-Fi, LED and power-operated devices used in these buses, to reduce costs.

Food station will also be found in bus with attendant
A female attendant is also present at these facilities at all times for cleaning, support and maintenance. Food cafes have been built in the remaining space of these buses, which also have many food items.

This is how this initiative started
There are also many areas in Pune city where there is no place to build a public toilet. An initiative was initiated by the then Municipal Commissioner of Pune, Kunal Kumar, Pune to resolve this problem. He sought the cooperation of Ulka Sadarkar and Rajiv Kher to support this initiative. Meteor and Rajiv are already part of the sanitary industry. Both of them in the year 2006, Saraplast Pvt. Was introduced. When the Metropolitan Municipal Commissioner got the support in the year 2016, the two together started the work of converting the old buses into a facility. Meteor said that he got the idea from San Francisco NGOs who used to convert old buses into toilets.

Had to face many problems
When Meteor first started the first bus in 2016, many women believed that it would be very dirty from inside. At the same time some people also believed that due to the full of technologies, more money will be demanded for the convenience of this bus, although for this bus, like the rest of the public toilet, only five rupees will have to be paid.

Free facilities are available in some places
In some areas of Pune, money is not taken from women to use these buses, whereas in a place where the cost of these buses is high, only five rupees go to use each time. Most buses are used 200 to 300 times per day, making around Rs 45,000. These rupees are used in the salary, expenses and cleaning of the attendants in the bus.

Buses will soon start in other cities of the country
At present, 13 buses have been started in Pune, Maharashtra. By the end of this year, buses with the help of the government are going to be launched in cities like Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Nagpur. Meteor Sadarkar, who started these buses, dreams that he can bring 1000 buses to many cities of the country within five years.

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