• Rahi Bai, also known as Seed Mother, is also known for promoting organic farming.
  • Currently, more than 17 crops are being grown on 50 acres of land.


Jan 28, 2020, 06:56 PM IST

Lifestyle Desk. The story of Rahi Bai’s journey of achievements began 20 years ago. When his grandson fell ill after eating poisonous vegetables. At that moment Rahi Bai made up her mind to start organic farming. The matter was not limited to agriculture only, he prepared a bank of seeds which proved to be very favorable for the farmers. For 56 years, Rahi Bai Som Popare is giving a new dimension to organic farming with techniques of family knowledge and ancient traditions.

Seed Mother is famous
Rahi Bai never went to school, but iron scientists also believe her knowledge in the field of farming. They are known as seed mother. Rahi Bai has prepared a bank of seeds with her hard work. The seeds here give good crops to the farmers even in less irrigation. Rahi hails from a small village in Ahmed Nagar, Maharashtra. Who belong to a tribal family. The task of saving the seeds was manual and Rahi carried it forward and created history.

Seeds demand in Maharashtra and Gujarat
She says, married at the age of 12. Never been to school but the science of farming always fascinated me. 20 years ago I started collecting seeds. Saved them and advised the son to cultivate these seeds instead of hybrids. The journey started, slowly women joined it. The neighboring village honored when the seed bank was formed. Today the demand for traditional seeds is high in Maharashtra and Gujarat. Me and other women are traditionally working to save seeds with the help of soil.

3500 farmers doing farming together
Rahibai has conserved more than 50 acres of land in which more than 17 crops are being grown. She is also working closely with 3500 farmers and teaching them the techniques to increase crop yields. For this, she has also received Nari Shakti Samman at the hands of the President and the BBC has also included 100 powerful women.

Conventional seeds do not need fertilizer or pasteite
Rahi says that we are easily falling prey to diseases due to poisonous food. We can grow crops according to our need. So I teach the traditional farming tricks to anyone who comes to me. People say that higher yield of the crop cannot be obtained from traditional seeds, but I say it is better than high yields of at least poisonous crops. Our seeds need no fertilizer or pesticides of any kind.

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