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Jul 05, 2020, 04:40 PM IST

Whenever we are in a relationship with someone, then we definitely want to know the depth of our relationship? For this, either we self-assess our behavior or we get to know the strength of the relationship by asking all kinds of questions to our partner. But, at times such efforts also prove to be wrong. In such a situation, you can know some things based on your and your partner’s behavior.

1. Here we will find the weakness of the relationship

  • Distance from romance: If you are uncomfortable being romantic with each other on dating or don’t even think about romance, it also shows the negativity of the relationship. Your dating seems to be confused. Believe that you will stay away from the relationship.
  • Thinking of many: If you think of more friends or dating multiple people at the same time, then you are currently away from a permanent relationship.
  • Dating should be boring: Do you think it would be better to do something else while living with your partner? If yes! So this thinking indicates that your relationship has not yet reached any end.

2. Here you will find strength

  • Discussion of sustainability: If the stability of your relationship is discussed among your friends, then your status is definitely bright. Actually, you are not only happy in your relationship, but have also announced it. These gestures are positive.
  • Future things: If you worry about the future in the relationship, it shows that there is a stagnation in the relationship. This effort shows how honest and connected you are to each other.
  • keep faith : If you have unwavering trust in each other, it is a positive gesture for the relationship. The foundation of a relationship is established by faith. Do not get seduced by anyone. Ignores bizarre things about the partner.

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