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Jun 26, 2020, 05:38 PM IST

Seema Pahuja, Jewelery Designer. The look remains faded until designer jewelery is matched with the outfit. Many actresses are also following this trend. Know which earrings look better on which face.

1. Heart Shape Face
If your face shape is like Deepika Padukone i.e. heart shape then you should always choose earrings with curves. Such earrings make the heart shaped face look beautiful and balanced. Earrings are also the perfect choice for a heart shape face.

If you want, you can also try earrings of the triangle shape, which will look very beautiful on the face.

2. Round Face
If your face is round like Aishwarya Rai or Preity Zinta, then you should wear earrings that do not make your face look full. If you choose the right earrings, then your round face will also look long.

Triangle or rectangular earrings would be best for such a face. These will reduce facial widening. Never use round earrings, earrings and studs on a round face or it will spoil the look.

3. Oval face
If your face is oval like Katrina Kaif, then it is the best face shape. Every kind of earrings suits this face shape. Where the rest of the face cut women are forbidden to wear bean shape earrings. At the same time, women with oval shape can enhance the look with earl shaped earrings.

4. square face
If the shape of your face is like Anushka Sharma. This means your face is square in shape. Round and tiered drop earrings look good on women with such a face shape. Less wide and longer earrings will also look good on such faces. When choosing long earrings, take care that they rotate from the bottom. The Dangler is also a good choice for a square shape face.

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