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Jul 04, 2020, 12:32 PM IST

Andrey Vakhrushev, a couple from Moscow (Russia) and his wife Victoria, have copied the pyramid behind their house. It is not as big as the Egyptian pyramids, but is much larger.

It is designed so that it looks like a real pyramid. One can spend a night in this pyramid by paying some fee to be energetic. The couple states that the two structures are the same except for the size difference.

19 times smaller than real
The couple, from a village called Istinka, 12 km from St. Petersburg, has built a replica of the Great Pyramid of Giza at the site behind their house. This pyramid is 19 times smaller than the real pyramid. It is built 9 meters above ground and measuring 9 meters deep and consisting of about 400 tons concrete block.

The couple says that they have studied for many years to understand the design of the pyramids. Even visited the place several times to get complete information about the real pyramid.

Couples believe that staying in this pyramid increases immunity and protects against corona.

No mistake approved
Andrey stated that he did not approve up to a centimeter error in its construction. The correct level of construction, accurate size and perfection in the work is not compromised. To give proper shape to their own pyramid, the couple took a month to find a good contractor.

During this period, no constructor was found who could make an exact copy. Finally found a contractor who showed interest in the project.

Infection prevention
Andrey reported that some of the workers were hurt when their pyramid was being built, but they recovered soon after working within the pyramid. Even the person making it did not get sick.

They claim that their pyramids can increase people’s immunity. Corona can also prevent infection.

medical benefits
Anyone who wants to take advantage of the healing and powers of the pyramid can make a booking. People come here to meditate and increase energy. To spend one night, you have to pay at least 50 dollars (3,500 rupees).

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