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Jul 03, 2020, 10:34 AM IST

Choreographer Saroj Khan, who has been serving for the Cine Dancers Association (CDA) for a long time, was made the brand ambassador of the institution shortly before. After the association of Saroj, the president of the association Nilesh Paradkar had said that his coming together will make us stronger and better. After this, Saroj vowed that she would provide free education to the dancers’ daughters.

Where was the time to return to the roots

Sharing old memories, Saroj said – I started my career as a group dancer. And I still have my CDA card today. As a brand ambassador, I want to make the association the largest in the industry. When I was 10 years old, I started dancing in films and now is the time to return to roots. Also to provide all the facilities which I did not get.

He was also worried about senior artists

Saroj used to say – I have promised to do a good job. Also, the dancers will be given full respect in the film industry which they deserve. He also said that stage show funds should be done for raising. So that such senior artists who are retiring from the industry and living life and need money, can be assisted in their survival. At the same time, 100 rupees should be kept aside from the daily income of every dancer so that they can be given pension in future.

Saroj considered life to be meaningful in giving

Saroj, who believed this, used to say – whoever is capable of performing Indian and Western style dance can be a professional dancer and will be welcomed in the association. She said that she would never listen to an excuse for not knowing a particular dance, but if the dancer needed coaching, they would also be given classes.

Saroj Khan has worked as a judge in many reality dance shows and exposing new talents.

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