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Jul 02, 2020, 06:29 PM IST

Suzanne Anderson, a pregnant woman living in South Florida, was going to the birthing center for delivery with her husband. Before coming to the berthing center, Suzanne began to have a labor pen and was delivered on the road. The incident was captured in a camera on the doorbell.

Suzanne says that while reaching the berth center by car, I repeatedly felt that I needed to push to bring the baby inside me into the world.

Was wearing a face mask

The midwife (midwife), who works at the Natural BirthWorks Birth Center and Joseph’s husband Joseph, stood by Suzanne at the time of delivery. He helped Suzanne. Joseph and Lobaina wore face masks to prevent infection with the corona virus.

Social distancing followed

At the time when Suzanne was being delivered, the police were also watching her nearby. But he followed social distancing to prevent Kovid-19 infection and did not come near this couple. Suzanne had a daughter. The couple named their daughter Julia.

First delivery was normal

Suzanne says my first delivery was normal. It took me about two hours to give birth to the first child. But the second child will be born like this, I never thought. When Suzanne was coming to the berthing center, Lobaina had finished the delivery.

Took it in hand after giving birth

Lobaina had prepared the room for Suzanne. He also wore gloves in his hand. He too had no idea that the delivery of Suzanne would be on the road. Lobaina helped Suzanne at the time of delivery. She took Suzanne into the baby as soon as she gave birth and later put it on a cloth.

Baby falls down

Lobaina says Suzanne’s husband and I wanted to take Suzanne inside the berthing center before delivery. But there was not much time. If we tried at that time, it could have happened that the child would have fallen down or could have been hurt in some other way.

He didn’t need

Another midwife working at the berthing center said that we had arranged a beautiful tub for the normal delivery of Suzanne. We also wanted to give him aromatherapy. But he did not need all this.

Baby birth is felt

Suzanne handled the moment judiciously. She says this was my second delivery. Even before this, I have felt baby birth once. Maybe that’s why I remained calm. Now I feel the joy of becoming a mother once again.

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