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Apr 12, 2020, 12:33 PM IST

Most of the new items that come home often come in a cardboard packing. If you want to use these cardboard boxes lying at home in a better way, you can use them in 5 ways.

1. shoe rack

If you want to put your shoes and slippers together in the right order and also want to keep the house clean and tidy, then this design of shoe rack from cardboard box can be easily prepared. This rack will make your shoes and ornaments as well as make the home decor beautiful.

2. Keep the kitchen items

Due to the large number of items used in the kitchen, they often find it difficult to find them. If you use a cardboard box to organize kitchen items, it can be of good use to them. This will go a long way in keeping you kitchen items organized. According to the size of the kitchen compartment, make a section in the card board box and sort the stuff in it.

3. Pet House

If the house has a cute little stomach, then you can make a house with cardboard for it too. Whether it is to build a house with a hut look or any other pattern, you can design a cute little house for your stomach using creativity and decorate it as you want.

4. Wire Arrange

The house often has a variety of items ranging from tools to small ones, which need to be kept in different sections. When put together, it becomes quite difficult to filter them. Electrical wires, tools, sports-toys, clothes etc. can be arranged in different cardboard boxes. If you want, you can paste colorful paper on them, which will make their look even more interesting.

5. Tape Organizer

If you are fond of craft and have multiple colored tapes in your house, then you can organize them in a cardboard box. With this, you will not have to search for colorful tapes here and there to do work related to craft and decoration, but all the big tapes will be easily found in one place.

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