A few weeks ago, Subhash Ghai had confirmed that he is working on the script of Khal Nayak 2 and it will star all the three actors from the first instalment, Sanjay Dutt, Madhuri Dixit and Jackie Shroff. However, recently while talking to a news agency, Madhuri stated that she has no idea about it.


The actress told IANS, “That’s news to me. I have no idea. It is a surprise for me. It depends on the script, how they are planning to do, where they want to shoot. I think we will take things as they come.”


Well, we all know that there was a time when Madhuri and Sanjay were dating each other. While they didn’t work with each other for many years, the two came together for Kalank which released last year.


Both the actors just had one scene together in the movie and during the promotions, it was clearly visible that they were not comfortable standing next to each other. So, we wonder if Ghai will be able to get them back together on the big screen for Khal Nayak 2.

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