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  • Make Money Through Doodling, Mandala Art, Self Healing And Tattoo Making, You Can Earn Money By Learning It Online.

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  • Women can do a reasonable fee and monthly class per class.
  • This is an appropriate time for housewives to convey their art to customers.

Making money through art is not a new way for housewives. The main change that has taken place today is that women are able to diversify their art through digital infrastructure.

While artists previously had traditional methods of selling paintings and hosting art classes, there has been a significant change in the last five years. Art and Craft can be described as a way to earn money. Editor India, Forbes Advisor Ashika Jain.

After the Corona epidemic, it is anticipated that art exhibitions and paintings galleries will be a thing of the past and most art-related business opportunities will go online. Here are three routes for housewives who are interested in art and craft and want to specialize in it.

1. The value of handmade cards, gifts wrapped in printed sheets and daily use products such as hand bags and jewelery is much higher than that of machine printed goods. This is an appropriate time for housewives to convey their art to customers.

2. There is a good occasion from August, when various festivals are celebrated in India. From Raksha Bandhan to Diwali, Durga Puja to Dussehra, Eid to Christmas, these are the occasions when art lovers can make various experiments with cards, gifting items, modern accessories and special things.

3. Another way to make money through art is to teach it online. Physical class is no longer the preferred format. Most parents prefer online classes for their children.

4. Coloring techniques for doodling, mandala art, self-healing and tattoo-making are today’s popular and new-age art, which are in great demand.

5. Women can charge a reasonable fee per class. She can also earn money by taking monthly classes. Social media is a better place to find customers related to your work, especially Facebook and Instagram.

6. A lot of women have their social media pages, on which they keep putting their art pictures. In this way she can also introduce the art to the customers.


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