• Dispensary kit with a capacity of 30 masks prepared using cardboard and chocolate box
  • So far, Lakshmi has made more than 1200 masks, 700 masks are distributed in boxes and others individually.


May 23, 2020, 09:00 AM IST

Only after the lockdown of the first phase, Sourav Das, a resident of Delhi, reached home with a mask so that he could be safe whenever he came out. However, Sourav’s mother Lakshmi was unhappy with the price of this mask. Actually, this mask was neither washable, nor could it be used again and could not be breathed properly on wearing it. Despite this, he found the price of Rs 300 quite expensive. Lakshmi angrily rebuked her son Saurabh for buying a costly mask, as she could make a better mask at home without any money. What was the other day, the next day 56-year-old housewife Lakshmi made about 25 masks. Not only this, they also distributed these masks to the workers and shopkeepers of their area.

More than 1000 masks made in two months

On receiving positive response, Sourav established Chitranjan Park area market numbers 1,2,3, 4 in Delhi and five dispensaries of masks in his locality so that any vegetable vendor, hawker or needy person can use it when needed. For the past two months, the mother-son duo has distributed more than 1000 masks. Lakshmi states that she is skilled in sewing and often stitches clothes for herself and her family. He enjoys this work. Not only this, he has also stitched a suit and blouse for his daughters, which he used to make masks during lockdown.

Mask stitched with clothes left in brother’s sewing shop

Actually, after looking carefully at the mask brought by Saurav, Lakshmi understood that she can easily make this mask at home. What was then, brought some leftover clothes from his brother’s shop where he teaches women sewing work and started making masks. He told that all these masks are made of cotton, which can cover the face from nose to chin and it will not have any problem in breathing. He wished that he could make 2000 such masks and distribute them to the farmers and laborers in his native village, but in view of the prevailing situation, Sourav decided to distribute these masks to the surrounding areas.

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Masks reached to the needy, so dispensary put on public place

Saurav points out that there are shopkeepers, rickshaw pullers and many other laborers in local markets who cannot afford disposable and reusable masks. In such a situation, he needs these masks more, because he comes in contact with many people every day. For this, he designed a box and put it in public places. Pulling the ribbon hanging out of this mask, the mask comes out, the other end of which is attached to the other mask and thus one part of each ribbon is connected to the other.

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Dispensary kit made of cardboard and chocolate box

Sourav said that he had no metal or plastic container, so he prepared the box with the help of a cardboard box and chocolate box, which could hold a minimum of 12 and a maximum of 30 masks. So far, he has put five such kits in the local markets, on which a message of ‘Pick One Stay Safe’ is also written. While doing this, Lakshmi has so far made more than 1200 masks, out of which she has distributed more than a thousand masks. 700 of these are distributed in mask boxes and others individually to workers and helpers.

At present, the entire country is going through a stressful situation. In such a situation, all people are engaged in contributing at their own level. Meanwhile, Lakshmi and Sourav are also making their contribution to ensure that no person around them who cannot buy a mask remains without a mask.

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