Apr 30, 2020, 05:01 PM IST

The demand for sanitizer and face mask is currently increasing due to the corona virus which has engulfed the entire country. In such a situation, shortages of these products are motivating people to manufacture this essential item. Due to this, many people are helping the needy at their own level. Meanwhile, Simar Sharma of Kolkata is dividing the needy people by making himself a sanitizer in view of the lack of sanitizer in the current situation. Simar, who is studying biotechnology in the third year of graduation at the Manipal Institute of Technology, has come forward to help the most needy victims.

150 bottles delivered to the needy

Actually, due to the expensive sanitizer, many people are not able to buy it. So to help these people, Simar has delivered 150 sanitizers to the needy prepared with the help of isopropyl alcohol, glycerol and essential oils and water. While making sanitizer, she is keeping in mind that she should also follow the safety standards outlined by the World Health Organization. 80 percent alcohol best This sanitizer is prepared with proper care.

Police is also cooperating

These sanitizers, prepared at home, are distributing daily wage earners, vegetable vendors, fish sellers, home quarantines as well as people living in slums in Kolkata. Simar says that they are also taking the help of the police to distribute them at slums and important places. He has ordered Chemical and Bottle for the next batch production. After finding out about his initiative, people from different parts of the country are donating them for this work, after which now they are going to produce 600 liters of Simar Hand Sanitizer.

People are getting help through digital payment

Simar, with the help of local police, ensures that these bottles are distributed to the place where it is most needed. In an interview, he told that his friends who believe in this work have contributed their pocket money in this work through digital payment. She is collecting money from society at large and now she is taking forward her work by keeping transparency in using this money collected. Simar is also attending online classes daily, but in his spare time is practicing engineering concepts in such a way that he can help the society.

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