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  • Litter graduated from DU and graduated in Paris after graduating in political science.
  • They start their baking from 6 am and continue till 11 pm.

Besar, a 35-year-old resident of Arunachal Pradesh, graduated from Delhi University. He then did a diploma in patisserie from Le Cordon Blue, Paris, called the ‘Food Capital of the World’. Today he is the head chef of Liba Cafe & Patisserie in Itanagar.

Basar has always been fond of baking. So after graduating in political science from DU, she went to Paris and began to specialize in baking. Anyway, she always wanted to make her career in this field.

Tried to learn

Litter says I lived in Paris and knew the culture there. Attempted to understand the many nuances associated with the food there. While in Paris I tried to learn things anew.

Litter got a chance to learn the little things related to baking in the diploma of patisserie such as how to break eggs for baking, how to beat eggs to make cakes, or many nuances related to icing, etc.

They never feel tired
Litter learned to make biscuits, cakes, breads and desserts under his diploma. They learned to make different kinds of things with the finest ingredients.

Litter says I never compromise with the quality in my cafe. They start their baking work from 6 am and continue till 11 pm at night. But in the meantime, he never feels tired while doing his work.

Faced many challenges

The Basars are from the Gallo tribe. He has six siblings. They are from the backward area of ​​Arunachal Pradesh where women do not even think about entrepreneurship. It is praiseworthy for Litter to reach Paris from such an environment.

As a female entrepreneur, Liter faced many challenges. But never learned to stop being afraid of these challenges. She says – “I may not bring a big change in the society but I want to do something at my level that encourages women”. According to Litter, “Women know about me and become financially independent”.

Specialize in making french desert

It has been a year since his Itanagar outlet opened. Litters want to add new things to your restaurant. She also wants to do this work with complete planning.

When asked what is your USP, she says – “I specialize in making French Desert using local things.” I make different baking items from orange, berries, kiwi and mango ”.


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