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  • Mother And Son Passed Class 10th Together In Maharashtra | Mother Fulfills Her Unfulfilled Dream With Her Son, Studying With Her Son And Passing The 10th Standard Together

27 minutes ago

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  • Resumed studies after getting husband’s encouragement and son’s support
  • My son Sadanand helped in difficult mathematics, English and science

It is said that there is no age for learning and reading. If you keep your mind, nothing is impossible. One such example of mother-son living in Baramati, Maharashtra was presented by one such example of his passion and true passion for studies. The mother has achieved success in class 10 by studying with her son. Baby Gurav, who hails from Baramati, achieved this success while doing housework and sewing work in the company, making her a Nazir.

The dream remained incomplete due to family reasons

Baby Gurave, a sewing worker at Pioneer Calicose Company in Baramati’s Textile Park, had a dream of passing his 10th pass unfulfilled for family reasons. She was unable to complete her studies due to her circumstances. Many times he considered completing studies, but this could not be possible due to bad conditions. Meanwhile, when his son Sadanand reached the 10th standard, he woke up once more in his desire to study.

Husband and son supported

Her decision was greatly encouraged by her husband Pradeep. With the encouragement of her husband and son, she picked up books again and started studying. Taking time out of her work, she started studying on free time during the day. When the exam passed, he intensified his preparation with the son. In this way he took the tenth examination with his son. When the tenth result came, both mother and son passed the examination with good marks.

Proud of wife’s success

Baby Guru told that my son Sadanand explained difficult math, English and science to me. While cooking, the son continued to help in studies. At the same time, on this achievement of his wife, Baby’s husband Pradeep Gurav says that he is very proud of his wife. He used to have difficulty in studying due to so much work, but whenever he got time, he used to sit in bus stop or lunch break with his 10th book.


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