Veteran actor Mukesh Khanna is currently in the news due to his statements. Recently, a video of him was going viral on social media, in which he made a controversial statement about women. Now Mukesh Khanna has given a clarification by writing a long post about his video being viral.

‘Just one ansha is viral video’
Mukesh Khanna has shared a video on social media. In which she has given her talk on many issues including from Meetu to Women Safety. The actor said that the video which has gone viral is only a part and cannot be wrong on the basis of it. He has said in his post that he respects women a lot.

‘My statement was taken incorrectly
Mukesh Khanna wrote with the video, ‘I am really surprised that one of my statements is being taken very wrongly. I am being told against women. Hardly anyone would do as much respect as I do to women. That is why I opposed the name Lakshmi Bomb. I am concerned about the safety of women. I have spoken against every rape case. Some people have made a noise about the clipping of one of my interviews. I never said that women should not work. I was just going to explain how Meitu starts. In our country, women have made their place in every field. Then whether she is a defense minister, finance minister, foreign minister or in space, everywhere women have waved their glory. So how can I be against working for a woman. In that video interview, I was throwing light on what problems can come from working outside the woman. Like the children of the house fall alone. I was talking about male and female religion, which has been going on for thousands of years.

‘I always respect women
Mukesh Khanna further wrote, ‘I did not say that if a woman goes out, there is a Meetu. I made a video on this topic a year ago, which I want to show you that even then I had said that how should the women guard themselves at their place of work. I still did not say that women should not go to work. So how can I say today. I want to say to all my friends that do not misrepresent my statement. My last forty years, my film journey confirms that I have always respected women. Every artist or member of every film unit knows that I have always respected everyone. If any woman has been hurt by this statement, I am sorry that I have not been able to put my point correctly. I am not worried that the women’s society will turn against me. They don’t even have to be. My life is an open book. Everyone knows how I have lived and am living. I want to show you the same interview from which this clipping is taken. You will know what I think about women. ‘

Mukesh Khanna told the difference between female and male
Let us tell that in the video that was going viral on social media, Mukesh Khanna had said, ‘Man is different and woman is different. The composition of a woman is different and the composition of a man is different. Woman’s job is to take care of the house. The problem of Ye Me Too started when the women moved out of the house and started working. Today she wants to work shoulder to shoulder with men. But more than this, the child who travels has to be away from his mother. The child is forced to live with Aya and sits with him because even Sansa is a daughter-in-law who watches the serial. A man is a man and a woman is a woman.

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