• The necklace alerts when there is any movement within the radius of 12 inches
  • Pulse Vibration Motor Prevents Infection By Alerting The Necklace Wearer

Daily newspaper

Jul 01, 2020, 05:00 PM IST

The American Space Agency NASA has designed a special type of necklace that vibrates when the hands come near the face. NASA has named it Pulse. It vibrates when it comes to a moving object within a 12-inch radius of the necklace. To avoid corona infection, it is advisable not to touch the mouth, eyes and nose repeatedly with hands so that the virus does not reach the body. Keeping this in mind, NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab has designed this necklace.

Will be available for a lower price
According to NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab, which produces necklaces, a ‘pulse’ can be incorporated into everyday life until a coronavirus vaccine is found because we have to slowly return to our workplaces.
It has been prepared at a very low price, which people will be able to easily afford and there will be no problem in wearing it. Pulse will protect you from infection and keep you healthy.

The necklace has a coin-shaped device in which the sensors present will alert.

No option for necklace mask
According to the statement issued by the lab, it is not an option for necklace mask. It is necessary to take all precautions to prevent corona with its application. Technicians can also prepare it. The lab has also released every information related to its preparation. The lab says that we hope people will develop it so that it is easily available.

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