Neha Dhupia has reshared a picture of her daughter having breastfeed. There is a special reason behind re-sharing this picture. Neha Dhupia, after becoming a mother, posted this picture while giving the daughter breastfeed in the year 2019, on which she has now put a man’s dirty comment (A User asked Neha Dhupia for her breastfeeding video) in front of the whole world. .

Neha Dhupia is seen making her baby breastfeed in this picture. While sharing this picture, Neha Dhupia has also posted a comment on that person. The man told Neha, ‘Can you post your breastfeeding video ??? A humble request.

On this, a fan of Neha Dhupia has given a befitting reply to that person. He responded by writing to her, ‘I can see photos of your mother and grandmother / grandmother on your page. Please ask them, she will show you. ‘ In this post, Neha has written, ‘I ignore such comments or delete them. But I brought it to Limelight. It is such people that make the entire situation of breast feeding a shame for many mothers. ‘


Posting this, he wrote in the caption, ‘Only the new mother’s journey can understand that. While we all see only a happy side, on the other hand it is a big responsibility and also emotionally exhausting. It is very difficult to be a mother and she does everything that should be done. It should not be that questions should be raised, mocked or trolled. I have gone through all this and I know how difficult it all is. Thank you @crazylilmum for sharing it and listening to it @ krrishtherocker1987. A mother’s wish is how and where to feed or breastfeed her. However, from time to time we have seen that people view breast-feeding of the mother in a sexual manner. ‘

Along with this, he called it insensitive comment and said that due to these reasons, situation becomes strange for mothers in our country. Such people should be brought to the fore. He finally said, ‘Let us make breastfeeding normal rather than sexual.

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