In response to a video that has gone viral on social media, the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) and Paytm have said that there is no way to use a smartwatch to scan a FASTag and withdraw money. This video has become the cause of controversy in many places.

What is being claimed in the video, in which a child scans the FASTag using a smartwatch while cleaning the windshield and then runs away on questioning which is baseless and false. NPCI, the organization for digital payment and settlement systems in India, said that this video is baseless and false. At the same time, Paytm said that this is wrong information.

The video clip, which has been widely shared on several social media platforms, has garnered millions of views, shares and comments on several YouTube channels, Facebook and Twitter.

In a voiceover in Hindi it is said that “This new scam has started now. Children begging at traffic lights are being given smartwatches which have scanners. They FASTag their smartwatch while cleaning the car.” Your FASTag is e-scanned by this. After that money is deducted from your Paytm account. Same has happened with me earlier also.” This is told in the 3.42-minute clip.

A similar claim about a ‘FASTag scam’ was made by magician and illusionist Karan Singh in an interview to content creator Vinmare Kasana on his Friendcast YouTube channel. It was viewed over 1.5 lakh times and garnered 11,000 shares.

FASTag, an electronic toll collection system based on Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology, has been made mandatory for all commercial and personal vehicles for payment at toll plazas from February last year. While Paytm discussed only child videos during this period, NPCI discussed the larger issue of videos making fake claims.

Paytm said in a Twitter post that “A video is giving false information about Paytm FASTag which incorrectly shows smartwatch scanning FASTag. As per NETC guidelines, FASTag payments can only be initiated by official merchants. Testing”. It has been launched after several rounds of. Paytm FASTag is absolutely safe and secure.”

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