WhatsApp users cannot currently record video calls.
WhatsApp does not have any feature that can record video calls.
However, in one way you can record WhatsApp video calls.

New Delhi. WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps in the world. Through WhatsApp, users can not only send messages but can also make audio and video calls. However, users cannot record video calls on the app. Here today we are going to tell you about such a trick through which you can easily record WhatsApp calls.

The special thing is that you can record WhatsApp videos from both your Android or iPhone devices. To download WhatsApp video call, you just have to download XRecorder app, so now let us tell you about this special WhatsApp trick.

Android User How To Record WhatsApp Video Call
First of all open Google Play Store on your Android phone. After this download XRecorder app here. After this, proceed by giving the necessary permissions. Now you will get the recording option on the screen. From here you can record video calls.

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how to download whatsapp video call on iphone
First of all, make a video call on WhatsApp to the user whose call you want to record, then press the swipe button at the bottom. Go to ‘Control Center’ by going to Settings here. Here you will see the option to record your screen. Now click on it. As soon as you click on it, the WhatsApp call will start recording on your device.

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WhatsApp released caption mode
Meanwhile, the instant messaging platform has released caption mode for its users. Currently it is available for desktop beta testers. Users will be able to send documents, GIFs, photos and videos through this feature as well as add captions to it. The company is currently testing this feature. It is expected to be rolled out soon.

Company will bring screen lock
Not only this, Meta-owned WhatsApp is reportedly going to bring a new feature for its desktop users. According to media reports, the company is currently working on this feature. This feature is called Screen Lock, this feature will ask for password every time any users opens the application. Let us tell you that earlier the company had launched the poll feature for all the users. With the help of this feature, users can create single and group polls. Along with this, users also get 12 options for response.

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