Mar 15, 2020, 02:50 PM IST

Bollywood desk. Actress Alia Bhatt is celebrating her 28th birthday on Sunday (March 15). On this occasion, his mother Soni Razdan wrote an emotional post for him, sharing two photos with social media Alia. In which he wished for the daughter all the happiness along with good health. The photos that Sony shared are from when Alia was very young.

With his post, Sony wrote, ‘Happy birthday my little baby girl. For me you will always be like this. A lovely little girl I have to take care of and make sure that your life goes according to plan. Of course, these days I don’t need to take much care of you, and it should be so. ‘

He further wrote, ‘But as the mother is said … I just want you to be safe and sound, especially in this era of health concerns. So my birthday wishes this year are related to your good health. May this day be very good for you, and spend the coming year doing something healthy, safe and good. Darling gives you all kinds of happiness, work hard in whatever you do. I hope that this year will be very successful for you, plus you will take a little more time for yourself. To breathe, to relax and sometimes to do nothing. So cheers for this. Always .. always … lots of love … mother

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