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  • Opposite Fashion Will Give Every Outfit A Twist, Formal Shirt And Casual Bottom, Not Only Sweatshirts And Formal Pants Will Also Enhance Your Look

Mansi Pujara, Bangalore44 minutes ago

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In opposite dressings, two such pieces of clothes are worn, which from the first time it appears that there are mismatches, but it gives a perfect look when worn. Looking at the outfits, it seems that they can never be paired together, teaming them together and creating the perfect look is the opposite dress.

The fashion props are very fond of it. Like, they team thick velcro sandals with ruffle dress. Carrying frilly dress with jeans. Celebrities are also adopting this trend. Recently, Katy Holmes teamed the formal collar shirt with the joggers. There is no rule in opposite dressings. It can be carried in many ways.

1. Formal shirt and casual bottoms
Button-down formal shirts can be teamed with casual shorts. It does not look like they can be worn together. A formal shirt is a serious outfit while a shorts is a relaxed outfit, but wearing both together will give it a preppy and cool look.

2. Casual footwear with dress
This is an athleisure combo that fashionistas have been following for a long time and proves that opposite dressings can be very successful. Socks and sneakers with a fancy ruffled dress or fitted slit dress give a modern lead-back look. Here are paired Sox-sneakers with fitted slit dress.

3. Dress and Jeans
Clothing can also be layered differently in opposite dressings. Any ni-length dress can be worn over pants or jeans. It is very important to have the right pieces team in it. For example, a wrap dress can be worn with any jeans. It will give a slightly modern look. In addition, a voluminous ruffle dress with multiple layers can be paired with skinny jeans.

4. Long Blazers with Shorts
Blazers and bike shorts can also be teamed in such dressings. Sneakers can be worn with them to carry a casual look and pencil heels can be worn with them to carry a date-night or fancy look. In such accessories, carrying neck chains, goggles and metal strap bags can enhance the look.

5. Sweat shirts and formal pants
Sweat shirts can be worn not only with sneakers, jeans or shorts, but also with crisp cotton pants and stilettos. If you wear them with slacks, you will get the ‘Best of Casual and Formal Mix’ look.

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