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  • Oversized House Plants Will Decorate The House And Keep It Cool, Put Potted Babu In The Lobby And Keep Rubber Tree Plant Where There Is Sunshine

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Mansi Pujara, Bangalore5 minutes ago

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Summer has just started showing its wrath. In such a situation, if you want to adopt the natural way of decorating and keeping the house cool, then these plants will prove to be perfect.

1. Potted Bambu: The best choice for entry or lobby. They can also be decorated in any corner of the office or home. Potted babu requires the lowest maintenance among large-sized plants. It should be kept in a mid size pot so that its height does not increase too much. It thrives even in bright or low sunlight. Water has to be given many times

2. Snake plant: Sneak plant can be a good option if you want to decorate trees and plants, and if you want to decorate a big statement plant at home. It is very easy to maintain. The only thing to keep in mind is not to give too much water to it. The rest takes care of itself.

3. Lemon Tree: It can be interesting to have an indoor citrus tree at home. It decorates your home, as well as helps during cooking, but before taking it, be sure to know a little about how to take care of it. Slowly the lemon will start appearing and in the heat of summer you will be able to enjoy the cool lemon water in the house.

4. Rubber tree plant: It can be kept in the corner of the house which receives good sunlight. It does not grow in low light. Strong light and little moisture that can be given by spraying water daily. By doing this it grows well.

5. Parlor Palm: Want to give the house a dramatic, tropical look, but the lack of light makes the Parlor Palm a good choice. It is one of those plants that do not require much sunlight. They thrive well in average humidity, so they do not have to be maintained much.

6. Monstera: For the last few years, it has been in trend and will remain so. They require only a little humidity to thrive, so they are perfect for the bathroom. They grow even in more or less sunlight. Just do not forget to spray water periodically, so that the leaves remain clean, glowing.

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