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  • Paige Calendine; Everything You Need To Know About 8 Year Old Gymnast Without Legs

3 minutes ago

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  • Page Caledine lives in Ohio, USA, she is an eighth grade student and wants to become a shooter.
  • She says, my parents wanted my weakness to be my strength, so training gymnastics since the age of 18 months

This is 8-year-old Page Caledine, who has been born without legs since birth. US-based Page is a gymnast. According to Page’s father, to strengthen the upper body, the daughter was started training gymnastics from the age of 18 months. Page loves swimming. She wants to be a shooter but the father says that the daughter is doing very well in gymnastics, so we want her to progress in this field. Recently this video of the page has gone viral in which she is seen doing gymnastics.

Attends arnold sports festival
Page lives in Ohio, USA. She says, my parents wanted my weakness to be my biggest strength, so got training in gymnastics and made my body strong. Page is a third-grade student and participates in the Arnold Sports Festival for gymnastics.


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